Foods Not To Be Eaten When On Weight Loss Program

Foods Not To Be Eaten When On Weight Loss Program

The common Sweeteners found in many prepacked foods has been compellingly found to stimulate an increased craving for more sugary foods. The research claims the sweeteners significantly caused more weight gain than table sugar of the same caloric intake. It also increased triglyceride levels & linked to heart disease.

The popular staple is Carbohydrates that converts into sugar, making it a high-glycemic food that ultimately won't keep you satisfied. Additionally, it has little nutritional value & fiber content. Research on those who ate white bread showed unwanted weight gain over a period of 12 years.

Fried stuff is yummy, but a quick way to ingest large amounts of calories from saturated fats. Harmful fats & oils are known to cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol & unhealthy weight gain. Also, they disrupt the digestive system, leading to Acid Reflux, Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Bloating.

Cream dressings on a salad are high in calories & sodium, which eventually leads to water retention.

Sugar is an EMPTY CALORIES. It can encourage your body to store excess fat.

Red meat is high in calories, fat & cholesterol known for heart disease & certain cancers & they easily sabotage weight loss. Also, they contain Sodium Nitrates which acts as a preservative to make them appear fresh, eventually it leads to water retention.

Sweet treats are the worst enemies. Sugar (sucrose) alongside honey (fructose, contain 2 molecules: glucose & fructose. Our body's cell uses glucose for energy, but when we eat a lot of sweets it gets metabolized by the Liver to convert into fat & then secreted into blood & onto our waistline!!

Carbonated Drinks contain a combination of Sweeteners: Sugar, Corn Syrup & Fruit Juice. The combo of sucrose & fructose makes those prone to Insulin Resistance at risk of the hormone over flooding the body, which may lead to diabetes. Insulin signals fat cells to be stored additionally to excess body fat already there. Also, the intake of too much Fructose caused resistance to Leptin, a Hormone that also makes the body hang on to fat & gets the brain thinking it's hungry when it's not.
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