Rice Salad Recipe—Vegetarians Will Adore this!

Perfect meal when you are feeling lazy and have some leftover rice...

Still sticking to your healthy foods? Check out today`s Rice Salad recipe. This rice salad goes together quickly and tastes great! I've made it several times. It goes well with my daughter and me who are vegetarian and also with my non-vegetarian husband and son. Will continue to make.

Rice Salad Recipe

Ingredients include:

➲ Dressing.
➲ Chopped parsley.
➲ Raisins.
➲ Nuts.
➲ Cooked rice preferably basmati.
➲ Mixed vegetables of your choice.


⏩Make sure the rice is at room temperature before using it for the salad
⏩Cut your mixed vegetables evenly and blanch carrots and any other vegetable that can’t be eaten raw.
⏩Add the vegetables to the rice but be careful not to add too much to the rice you have.
⏩For the raisins, they give the salad a sweet taste but you may choose to skip if you don’t like them
⏩Finally, add the parsley and the dressing. The dressing I used was oil with little vinegar, mixed with salt and pepper.
⏩Mix the salad to ensure even distribution of all ingredients. The idea is to have a good balance with the rice not overpowered by the ingredients. Enjoy.
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