Rugalah Recipe

«~» 4 cups of flour
«~» Tablespoon yeast
«~» 1 tsp. salt
«~» 1/2 sugar
«~» 2 bags of vanilla sugar (Israeli kind)
«~» 1 egg
«~» 1/4 oil
«~» 1 cup lukewarm water
Chocolate filling:
You could use any type you prefer but I made this one;
⊙ 3 big tablespoons cocoa
⊙ 1/3 cup oil
⊙ 3/4 cup sugar
⊙ 1 tsp. ground coffee (Nescafé )
Simple syrup:
«» 1/2 cup water
«» 1/4 cup sugar
«» Juice from 1/2 a lemon
Start with dough. Pour everything in a mixer and turn to low.
The fight should be soft but not too sticky. If needed add either flour or a bit water.
Transfer to a floured bowl to rise for 45 min. Covered.
Make simple syrup and let it cool.
Make chocolate mixture: just pour in a bowl the 4 ingredients and mix, set aside.
When dough is ready, Split it into four equal pieces.
Roll out one piece to make a flat circle (like a pizza) pour in the middle 1/4 of the chocolate mixture (should be about 2 tablespoons of chocolate), then pinch all sides to wrap and close dough. So that you have a ball with the chocolate in the inside. Make the rest of the dough the same way. Then GENTLY roll out with the pin to make a very thin pizza shape. Keep in mind the chocolate inside. The dough might burst (don't worry) just try to roll out slowly. It takes time. Once it's thin, cut into pizza shapes. You should get about 20 pieces per pie. Roll from the thicker end to the point. Lay on baking sheet (make sure the point is facing down to the tray. let it rise for about 15 min. Brush over with egg wash. Bake for 20 min or brown on 350. When they are still super hot right out of the oven, brush over with the simple syrup.
Tip: if you choose to use store bought chocolate spread then you could skip putting it inside the dough. Just spread on top a thin round layer, cut and roll.

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