Simple and Yummy Homemade Bread Recipe

There really is nothing quite like a warm slice of fresh bread served very early in the morning. Mmmmm! This recipe is perfect. It’s simple to follow and yields 2 loaves of wonderful bread.

Homemade Bread made easy with simple ingredients & detailed instructions. Make our best homemade bread recipe and enjoy the great flavor & texture!

Simple Home-made Bread

Simple Home-made Bread Recipe

Baking homemade bread needn't be difficult - this recipe is easy to follow


☛5 ¹/₄ cups white bread flour or two cups of white and three cups of brown bread flour.
☛2 – 4 Tbsp. sugar
☛1 ¹/₂ tsp. salt
☛1 ¹/₂ Tbsp. (rounded) yeast
☛1 ¹/₂ Tbsp. oil
☛2 cups warm water (somewhere between 100 and 115⁰ Fahrenheit)


Mix dry ingredients. Add oil and water. Mix for 1 minute and then check the consistency of the dough.  The dough should be very sticky.  If it is too dry, add more water.

Mix for 5 minutes. (Do not add any more flour after the dough has finished mixing.)

Spray kneading surface with cooking spray and turn dough out onto the surface. Knead dough briefly until it has a smooth even consistency (this will only take several turns of the dough to accomplish).

Divide dough into 2 pieces (or more if you wish to have smaller loaves) and shape loaves into desired shapes and place on greased baking sheets. Cover with a large dish towel and let rise for 25 minutes.

While loaves are rising, preheat oven to 350⁰ Fahrenheit. When loaves are ready to go into the oven, use a sharp knife (you can lightly spray your knife with cooking spray to prevent dragging) to make several slashes in the top. Make each cut about ¹₄-inch deep at a 30⁰ angle.

Bake loaves for 25 m minutes, or until they are golden brown.

Once browned put in the center o the oven and let cool.

Remove and set it on the drying rack and let it cool further. 
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