Pasta with Zucchini Recipe—Spaghetti or Linguine

Pasta with Zucchini

A simple and speedy pasta with the goodness of zucchini and flavors of parsley, chilies, and garlic.


So yummy! I made this tonight for my roommate and my vegetable-hating boyfriend, and even he enjoyed it!


☛ 2 Tbsp. olive oil
☛ 1/2 a yellow and green zucchini
☛ 2 chopped green chilies
☛ 3-4 cloves of mashed garlic
☛ 2 stalks of spring onions
☛ 6-8 cherry tomatoes
☛ 1 big bunch of parsley, roughly chopped
☛ Salt and pepper to season
☛ 2-3 basil leaves
☛ 100 gm pasta of your choice
☛ 30 gm grated parmesan, for garnish


⏩In a pan heat olive oil and add the yellow and green zucchini to it.
⏩Add the green chilies and bashed garlic and fry lightly.
⏩Slice the stalks of the spring onions and add to the pasta.
⏩Roughly chop a big bunch of parsley.
⏩Season the frying zucchini with salt and pepper.
⏩Add 2-3 basil leaves, some of the chopped parsley, and check seasoning.
⏩Cook the pasta of your choice in boiling salted water until soft and cooked.
⏩Add the cooked pasta of your choice to the zucchini and stir fry a little.
⏩Transfer to a bowl and garnish with grated parmesan, chopped parsley, and basil leaves.
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