What to do if you start thinking about suicide

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I am depressed and having suicidal thoughts. My girlfriend has just left me and is getting married to someone else. I suck at my job and in any kind of relationship with anyone. All I can think of is killing myself. What should I do?

At some point, the thought of ending it all—the disappointments, problems, bad feelings—may cross your mind. This experience isn't unusual. But if the idea of taking your life persists or intensifies, you should respond as you would to other warnings of potential threats to your health by getting the help you need:

  • Talk to a mental health professional. If you have a therapist, call immediately. If not, call a suicide hotline.
  • Find someone you can trust and talk with honestly about what you’re feeling. If you suffer from depression or another mental disorder, educate trusted friends or relatives about your condition so they are prepared if called upon to help.
  • Write down your more uplifting thoughts. Even if you are despondent, you can help yourself by taking the time to retrieve some more positive thoughts or memories. A simple record of your hopes for the future and the people you value in your life can remind you of why your own life is worth continuing.
  • Avoid drugs and alcohol. Most suicides are the results of sudden, uncontrolled impulses, and drugs and alcohol can make it harder to resist these destructive urges.
  • Go to the hospital. Hospitalization can sometimes be the best way to protect your health and safety.

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