The Healthy path towards Healthy Life Span

Healthy LifeA healthy lifestyle at all stages of life will help you to stay active, healthy, and productive as you age.
Healthy Dieting does not include starvation. It makes you familiar with eating in right proportion at right time. Rapid looks great on scale to look at, but mind it is all bone mass & water loss. It will create lots of health issues regarding Hormones & your immunity system later on. Muscles being compact, weigh much more than fat, so two people can weigh the same but look different.
On weighing scale you may not be able to get your optimum/ideal weight, but metabolic age should be your optimum weight, that's our MOTTO.


1) For weight loss: 25-35 calories/kilo gram body weight.
2) For weight gain: 40-50 calories/kilo gram body weight.
3) For weight maintenance: 30-40 calories/per kilo gram body weight.

This is how Aayushya Health Clinic work:

For first visit you need to give the medic in charge one to one & half hour. As they need to take your all parameters including age, height, weight, fat%, bone mass, muscle mass, water%, visceral fat, & metabolic age. Followed by you & your family detail history related health along with eating habits & pattern. Based on all these you will get detailed balanced diet plan with your carb, protein, fat & calcium requirement.
Your body needs certain% of all nutrients, so according to your BMR you will meet all your nutritional requirements.
Patients are required to write food diary daily & they are supposed to send them weekly, so that the medic in charge can guide them if they are making any mistakes. But they are suppose to write daily & show them every month. They will be examined, again check all the parameters & you will be given a new diet.
They treat each patient individually, and keep connected with them through mobile. You can ask your doubts anytime. Somebody will be ready to solve them.

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