Tostada Fiesta

Tostada Fiesta
I made a Tostada Fiesta tonight basically I threw a bunch of Mexican themed foods together and it came out great! *warning not real cheese*
Okay! So I started with:
-sautéing some chopped onions
- add 1 lb ground chicken breast
- 1.5 tablespoon of taco seasoning ( I bought a small pack from Cambridge)
Once the meat is cooked, put into aluminum pan and add:
-black beans
-mix meant and beans together
-then on top I added Parve (dairy free) shredded mozzarella (it's amazing)
-layer tortilla chips on top, and add more parve cheese.
Place into oven, when crispy (15-20 min) on 300-350.
Then I added corn and baked for another 5 min.
Optional toppings:)
Once ready, I put my homemade guacamole!
-tomatoes ( I used 4 small ones)
- tea spoon of garlic paste
- 4 avocados
-lemon juice
Then add Salsa!
- tomatoes
-little lemon
Around the edges I added romaine lettuce! And Voila a yummy baked Mexican dish!

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