Veggies and minced meat with spiral pasta recipe

Here’s a terrific recipe that makes a complete meal, with something from all the food groups! The pasta does not require any precooking so you can save preparation and cleanup time.
Veggies and minced meat with spiral pasta.

Veggies and minced meat with spiral pasta recipe


¹/₂ Kg mincemeat (lean).
Tablespoon of Olive oil.
¹/₂ teaspoon Cumin powder.
¹/₂ teaspoon Turmeric powder.
Salt to taste.
4 grated tomatoes.
1 diced red onion.
1 diced Zucchini.
2 diced carrots.
¹/₂ hand full boiled peas
Potatoes or cabbage
Spiral pasta.


Put the mince in a pan cover on low heat until it browns
Add Olive oil and diced onions tomatoes, turmeric and cumin powder let it cook then add all the veggies mix well let them marinate in the heat then slowly add water to cover and let it all cook until ready.
Serve with pasta, rice or chapati
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