11 Simple Fitness Tips for Women

Women working out

  1. WALK: Walk as much as you can. Make it a daily habit. It is the best exercise you can do at No COST. Try little steps as standing instead of sitting while talking, taking steps instead of the elevator, have short 5-10 minutes’ walk after each meal. Make these small changes in your daily routine to achieve bigger changes.
  2. HYDRATION: Take 6-8 glass of water every day to stay hydrated. A dehydrated body will not function properly when you start a day.
  3. HEALTHY SNACKING: Make snacking part of your day. Always load your kitchen with healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, skim milk & dark chocolates,.Always eat healthy snacks in proper portion. Don't overdo anything.
  4. EXERCISE / YOGA: This will make you feel relaxed, energetic & happier. Choose an exercise pattern according to your own convenience. Try adapting to strength training, for at least 20 minutes at least twice a week or interval training like walking or running which will help to tone your entire body.
  5. Most of the time, women tend to use their neck muscles more than their abs when they do crunches. Instead focus back to your abdominal muscles by pressing your tongue flush against the root of the mouth before starting your crunches.
  6. PROTEIN INTAKE: Make your first meal of the day full of proteins like eggs, pulses, milk, nuts. It will keep your sugar level on point & your food craving will decrease.
  7. REDUCE REFINED CARBS INTAKE: Limit your refined carb-rich foods like cookies, chocolates, Wheat items etc. As when you eat refined carb-rich food, it will spike your blood sugar level & will produce more Insulin which will increase the fat in your body. But remember carbs are very important, as they fuel your body with energy. Hence, up your intake of fruits & other high fiber crackers. Also include some protein along with carbs, so that the carbs break down more slowly.
  8. RECOVER FROM ALL DESK JOBS: Take a rubber band or hair scrunchies. Take the affected hand & touch all five fingertips together, forming a sort of a point. Slip the band around all five fingers & draw them apart against the resistance of the band. It is like a reverse squeeze. Do this casually whenever you have time, In between emails, at home watching TV, as this will relax your fingers, hands & can act as a stress buster.
  9. NEVER FOCUS ON WEIGHT LOSS: If you just focus on reducing the numbers on your scale, then ultimately you will land up gaining pounds. Instead, your goal should be to maintain a healthy & fit life, by eating right food & practicing right exercise.
  10. BE HAPPY: As the popular saying goes, Laughter is the best medicine. When you laugh out loud or just be happy, your body will release feel-good hormones & this will kill the villain stress hormone Cortisol. Hence, giggle as much as you can to achieve good health.
  11. CHART YOUR PROGRESS: To stay focused & motivated, make a fitness report card for your own reference.
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