Crispy Delicious Baked Scotch Eggs Recipe

These are AMAZING!!! I do love a scotch egg! - who doesn't? I love them even more so because a good friend of mine from work made them for us as a leaving gift. I will miss her everyday and will continue to make these in her memory!

Packed with protein power, this favorite is easy to make in your home kitchen. Ready to eat in under an hour, it makes a great start to the day, or a satisfying snack. These baked Scotch eggs can be enjoyed anytime of the day.

Crispy Delicious Baked Scotch Eggs
Chef Raphael

These are boiled eggs that have been covered with sausage meat and breadcrumbs then deeply fried. They make a perfect snack that will be a hit in your home. Here's a step by step guide of how I make them and look forward to your feedback when you make yours today.

Crispy Delicious Scotch Eggs ingredients

Start by squeezing out the sausage meat into a suitable plate. To make 5 scotch eggs you need approximately 3 sausages (but it also depends on the sausage links you use/have in your country). Mash the sausage meat using a small spoon or just use your fingers. If you prefer using your hand, remember to apply little oil to your palm so that the sausage meat doesn't stick to your hand.

Take a small amount of the sausage meat place to your palm. Using your hand or small spoon, flatten the meat to an even thin layer. Take your boiled egg and place at the center of the meat. Wrap the sausage meat around the egg as shown in the photo below. Gently pull the meat to evenly cover the egg. You can always add more meat to close the gap.

If the sausage meat is too much, pinch away the excess and set aside. Close the gap and ensure all the egg is covered with an even layer of meat all around. Work on all the eggs ready for the next process. I prefer not having a thick layer of sausage meat so that it can cook evenly when deep fried. To make the egg wash, add little water or milk to your egg to make it more and a little runny.

Whisk until light. You can use more eggs and no milk/water but make sure to beat them until light. Dip the sausage wrapped egg in flour, making sure all sides are covered. Tap the egg to remove any excess flour. Dip into the egg wash and make sure it's fully covered. It's the flour that makes the egg stick to the sausage meat, so don’t skip the flour part.

Remove and shake off any excess. Dip into the bread crumbs. You can lightly season and spice (if you like) the breadcrumbs or add dried herbs like thyme to make the coating interesting. Make sure all sides are covered with the bread crumbs. This is what you need to have though you can dip the egg again to the egg wash and bread crumbs once again to have a double coating that will make the end result, crispier.

Work on all the eggs as show in the photos below and set aside ready for frying. When frying, use good quality cooking oil and pour into a suitable deep pot. Allow for the oil to be hot then dip the eggs one at a time. This is how oil should react the moment the egg hits the oil. If it doesn't start to bubble, the the oil is too cold. Add enough eggs to fit the pot you have and allow to cook on medium heat. Get the oil temp right, because if the oil is too hot it will cook the outside and not the sausage meat.

Crispy Delicious Scotch Eggs Recipe

Crispy Delicious Scotch Eggs Recipe

Crispy Delicious Scotch Eggs Recipe

After about 3 minutes, it should be golden brown, remove with a slotted spoon and allow excess oil to drain off. Place the cooked eggs onto a plate lined with paper towel. If you are not ready to eat them, leave them to cool down uncut and refrigerate them whole. If you can’t wait till later, take a bread/serrated knife and cut at the center. Viola! Notice the layer of sausage meat is not thick and even. The egg is not overcooked with a grey yolk. (Have a look at my separate guide of how to boil an egg)
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