Follow these tips to maintain a healthy weight

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For many of us, maintaining a healthy weight might seem really daunting. But it doesn’t need to be if we just try to swap over to healthier eating and physical activity habits every day. Remember skipping meals can lead to weight gain.

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Follow these tips to maintain a healthy weight:

■ Eat breakfast every day. It gets your body going. You can even grab something on the go, like a piece of fruit and a slice of whole-grain bread.
DID YOU KNOW: Teens who eat breakfast may do better in school and sports—and have healthier weights. By eating breakfast, you can increase your memory, stay focused, and feel less grouchy and restless.
■ Pack your lunch on school days. If you pack your lunch, you can control the portions and make sure your meal is healthy.
■ Eat healthy snacks, and try not to skip meals. See the “Snack smart
■ Eat dinner with your family. When you eat with your family, you are more likely to eat a healthy meal, and you can take the time to catch up with each other.
■ Be involved in grocery shopping and meal planning at home. If you’re involved, you can make sure meals are healthy and taste good.

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Tips for breakfast

Aim to have breakfast every day as it’s proven to help keep us at a healthier weight. Also aim to get up 15 minutes earlier to make time for a healthy breakfast, or prepare some of it the night before. Remember a healthy, filling breakfast will help prevent hunger pangs before lunch.

Try one of these tasty breakfast options:

  • Porridge with low-fat milk and top with kiwi fruit
  • Wholegrain toast with a poached egg and grilled tomato
  • Fruit smoothie made with low-fat milk, banana, and yogurt.

Tips for lunch

Always have a balanced lunch to keep you going during the day, include one to two serves of vegetables at lunchtime. Pack lunch at home for a healthier alternative to buying your lunch. It will save you money too!

Try one of these delicious lunch ideas:

  • whole grain sandwich with low-fat cheese and lots of salad
  • wholegrain wrap with grilled veggies and lean chicken
  • salad with three-bean mix and corn.

Tips for dinner

Always go for vegetables galore and aim for three to four serves of veggies at dinner, divide your dinner plate as follows:
Vegetables or salad should fill up at least half your plate at dinnertime, so pile them on! Then fill one quarter of your plate from the protein choice such as lean meat, chicken, fish, eggs, legumes, nuts and seeds, the remaining quarter is for carbohydrates such as bread, brown rice, pasta or noodles - check that serve sizes of protein and carbohydrates are within the recommended daily guidelines
try baking, steaming or grilling your meat or vegetables instead of frying. Cook meals at home more often and limit takeaways to once a week – it will help your budget as well.

Tips for snacks

For a quick, easy and healthy snack try one of these options:
  • Fruit is natures snack! Pack a piece of in-season fruit in your bag to have during the day
  • a small handful of nuts makes a fantastic snack and contains healthy fats. Make sure they are unsalted, and even add a small amount of dried fruit for extra flavor
  • low-fat yogurt is a healthy and filling option. Buying 1 kg tubs and dividing into five, 200 g portions is cheaper than buying yogurt in portion packs.

Tips for being active

Tips for being active for 30 minutes a day
  • meet a friend for a walk or a bike ride
  • park the car and walk the rest of the way
  • take the stairs instead of a lift or escalator
  • get off the bus a stop early and walk the rest of the way
  • join a local sport, recreation or fitness club
  • when at work go for a walk at lunchtime.
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