Frozen Food Facts

Most people use frozen foods. Some frozen foods are cheap, nutritious, and convenient. Some frozen foods are over-priced and over-processed.When you buy frozen foods, you should buy the foods with nothing added to them. Fresh frozen fish fillets, frozen vegetables, and frozen fruit are good choices. Poor choices include pre-cooked frozen fish fillets in sauces, and frozen vegetables that come in gravies or sauces. The least amount of processing is best.

Avoid frozen dinners because they are expensive and over-processed.If you are in a hurry, make a scrambled egg with chopped veggies and a toasted bagel. It’s as fast as a frozen dinner, and it is better for you.

Convenience Foods

Some convenience foods are good for you. Other convenience foods are expensive and not nutritious. Good convenience foods help you do your own cooking faster. Short cuts like using bouillon or canned broth allow you to make soup without having to make the stock from scratch.Bad convenience foods are over-processed and expensive. You can make your own “convenience foods.” Buying your own pasta, meat, and spices is cheaper than using Hamburger Helper .

Good Convenience Foods

♦ Canned broth
♦ Bouillon powder
♦ Spaghetti sauce
♦ Canned beans
♦ Biscuit mix
♦ Canned fruit

Over-processed and Expensive Convenience Foods

♦ Hamburger Helper
♦ Lunchables
♦ Microwave macaroni and cheese
♦ Frozen dinners
♦ Pre-shredded cheese
♦ Salad kits
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