Health Benefits of Rubbing Each Finger

This is Amazing... Rubbing Each Finger for 1 minute daily will definitely rejuvenate your life to a greater extent. So give daily 10 minutes to restructure yourself to increase your healthy life span AND IT IS FREE.
Rubbing Each Finger

All of the 26 different energy points throughout the body are connected & can be stimulated by simple pressure points found in your finger. By pressing certain points in your fingers good, positive energy can be sent to those organs to stimulate them & keep them healthy.

1) THUMB: It is linked to the heart & lungs so by rubbing your Thumb you are cleaning your Lungs & curing shortness of breath.
2) INDEX FINGER: Rubbing your Index Finger will help you get rid of Diarrhea, as it is connected to the colon & Stomach: it is acting on stomach issues & constipation as well.
3) MIDDLE FINGER: By rubbing this finger will help you to get rid of traveling diseases or poor sleep which could be related to pericardium. It is linked to our circulatory system.
4) RING FINGER: Rubbing this finger will help you to get rid of mood swings. It is responsible for improving our mood.
5) PINKY FINGER: This little finger is connected to the kidney & head. It helps in healing process for kidney. For headaches & neck aches, press your little finger.
6) PALMS: They are connected to many nerves & with clapping your hands you protect your physical health.
7) THE BACK OF YOUR HAND: It is connected to the side of your waist, so for a painful back just pat-pat the back of your hands.
So by rubbing different parts of your hand, You can do amazing things to your body & help to get rid of any kinds of pain naturally.
8) NAILS: Rubbing nails for healthy hair. The nerve endings in the fingertips are also connected to the scalp. As we create friction between rubbing our nails together, thew scalp is then also stimulated, In essence, the scalp is said to receive increased blood flow & stimulation as we rub nails together. Practice this technique only for 5-10 minutes daily, 2 times a day.
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