Simple Homemade Bhajia Recipe

Homemade Bhajia

A simple and straightforward tutorial that I hope you will get to try and enjoy at home.

Chopped ginger
Cumin seeds
Salt to taste
Coriander (dhania) or cilantro
Chili (optional)
Gram Flour (Main - Gram Flour is made from dried and ground chickpeas and is yellow in color that’s why bhajia are yellow.)
Potatoes peeled - Choose even sized potatoes preferably long and narrow. This is Alika potato or desire potato. The choice of potato is key and this type of potato is a guaranteed good choice in several potato dishes.
Home-made Bhajia Recipe

How to prepare bhajia at home

Evenly slice your potatoes with a mandolin or like I did, with a sharp knife. Observe the size in the photo below, you don’t need to make it thicker than that. Make them nice and neat! Add your spices and herbs. Mix the spices and herbs into the flour. Add cold water slowly. You want a thick batter. Remember the quantity of water is determined by the amount of flour.

Home-made Bhajia Recipe

Start mixing. Keep mixing and if it’s too thick add a little water. As shown in the picture below that’s is how thick you want it to be. If you put more water by mistake, add a little more flour. Introduce the sliced potatoes into the batter. Give a thorough quick mix. Let it stand and set up the oil to start heating.

Home-made Bhajia Recipe

Have a slotted spoon and tray with a paper towel/napkin ready. Heat your oil on your medium size burner. Use medium heat and to check if it’s hot enough. Wet your hands and from a distance, sprinkle water on the oil and move your hand away (you don’t want to fry your hand)

The water drops will obviously react with the hot oil and bubble. The louder and more violent the reaction, the hotter the oil is. It should not be too loud. BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN DOING THIS. If not able to do it, dip one of the ready potatoes and it should start bubbling and cooking.

When oil is ready and hot enough, pick your potatoes one by one and into the oil they go. Be careful not to drop them violently into the oil and the closer you drop the better. Don’t be afraid of the oil, when afraid, you will definitely burn yourself more. TIP: DO NOT DO DROP MANY POTATOES AT A TIME! If you do, when cooking the potatoes will stick together. OK?

Keep adding, using both hands a piece at a time. Work fast as well till your pot is full. After about a minute after the last drop, mix your potatoes as they cook to ensure they are all cooking evenly. Don’t mix immediately after dropping in oil as we want the batter to cook.

Depending on the heat source, it should take about 3 minutes to get to this stage. The FIRST STAGE of the cooking process it should look as shown in the photo below. After cooking the first batch, place it on the paper towel. Add flour to your batter if you need to make it thicker as you keep on cooking.

Home-made Bhajia Recipe

The first STAGE DONE! You can store in a fridge and use it for the next day. This is the pre-cooking stage. When ready to have you bhajia, heat your oil and cook them for a minute or so till GOLDEN BROWN and crispy.

Remove from heat, and serve hot. Serve with a salad or with some meat or have it plain. On this occasion, I used a mango salad and a succulent sausage.
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