For the lovers of ICE-CREAM, come here running and grab this easy-to-make recipe and surprise him this evening as he comes from work [if you are married], or even your kids.



1 cup of sugar
¹/₂ cup of cocoa
1 pint of cream
1 cup of milk/water


Stir sugar and milk/water over a low heat until sugar dissolved. Remove from heat and stir in cocoa until combined. Put in a container and freeze until mixture becomes thick and mushy. Whip cream until soft peek forms, stir into cocoa mixture. Return to freezer, stir occasionally until mixture is thick and creamy, then, serve him

Ice-Cream Storage

Home-made ice cream can be stored in the 3***-rated (-18C/0F) section of the freezer for up to one week. To soften it slightly before serving, leave in the fridge rather than at room temperature to avoid exposing it to food-poisoning bacteria such as staphylococci. Return the ice cream to the freezer as soon as you've served it to prevent it from melting then refreezing. To avoid any risk of food poisoning, don’t re-freeze ice cream that has melted.

Don't serve ice cream made with eggs (even if they're partially cooked as in custard or parfait) to anyone who might be particularly vulnerable to salmonella, such as the elderly, babies, toddlers and pregnant women. Freezing doesn't kill salmonella bacteria; it merely makes them dormant.
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