Take 5 or 6 ripe Passion Fruits. Make sure that they are crinkly but not rotten. Cut the fruit lengthwise and use the tip of the spoon to scoop out the flesh and place it in the blender.

Add thrice the amount of water and run the blender for a minute so that the black seeds get separated from the jelly. The mixture should not be over blended otherwise the seeds might break up.

Now filter the mixture into a jug through a sieve to separate the seeds and squeeze every drop. Again add thrice the amount of cold water and sugar or sugar substitute to taste. You can taste the juice to find out if more water needs to be added.

Pour the juice through a funnel into a jug or a bottle and cool. 5 passion fruits can be used for making around 2 ½ liters of juice. Enjoy this juice with ice or with a cocktail. This juice can last for 5 days when stored in a refrigerator.

This juice can be made even without a blender by sieving the fruit with a fork into a jug. Sometimes, while storing, the juice and water might separate. In that case, just shake the bottle or stir the juice to mix it again.

There you go! Enjoy! Drinking it right now, very very nice! :)
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