Checklist to help you make healthy habits part of your day!

Healthy habits checklist.png
Eating healthy and being active can be difficult because you spend much of your day in school or work and eat meals that are prepared by others. Be a Health Champion by becoming more involved in your meals and school or work activities.

Here’s a checklist to help you work healthy habits into your day.

❏ Each night, pack a healthy lunch and snacks for the next day.
❏ Go to bed at a regular time every night to recharge your body and mind. Be sure to turn off your phone, TV, and other devices when you go to bed.
❏ Eat breakfast.
❏ Walk or bike to school if you live nearby and can safely do so.
❏ Drink water throughout the day. Avoid sodas and other high-calorie drinks.
❏ Between classes, stand up and walk around, even if your next subject is in the same room.
❏ If a recess is allowed at your school or work, be sure to take a walk, jump rope, or play an active game with friends.
❏ Be active in gym classes.
❏ At lunchtime, eat the lunch you packed. If you have lunch money, spend it on healthy options. Avoid sodas, chips, and candy from the vending machines.
❏ Stay active after school or work by joining a sports team or dance group. Walk the dog or jump into a neighborhood pick-up game of basketball, soccer, or softball.
❏ Be involved in the food choices made in your home. Help make dinner and eat with your family.
❏ Save screen time for after your activities and limit it to less than 2 hours.
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