Mashed potatoes and meatball curry recipe

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Mashed potatoes and meatball curry

One of my favorite dishes is Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes. It may seem crazy and complex, but considering that all the components can be made ahead and frozen, it can definitely be a delicious weeknight meal no matter the season.

Mashed potatoes and meatball curry recipe

Meatballs served with the mashed potatoes make a fantastic freezer-friendly meal! These recipes will please your whole family. The spices can be adjusted to suit your tastes.


• 1 kg potatoes, washed and peeled.
• 2 tbsp. unsalted butter.
• 1 cup warm milk.
• Salt and pepper, to taste.
• 1 kg ground beef.
• cooking oil.
• 2 large onion, finely chopped.
• 4 cloves garlic, crushed.
• 3 tsp. minced ginger.
• 1 small chili, chopped.
• 2 heaped tsp. breadcrumbs.
• 1 egg, lightly beaten.
• 1 tbsp. curry paste.
• 2 cups chicken stock.
• 1 tsp. cumin powder.
• 2 tsp. coriander powder.
• ¹/² tsp. turmeric powder
• 1 tsp. garam masala.
• ¹/² cup fresh coriander leaves, finely chopped.


Chop the potatoes into cubes add salt, pepper, and cover with cold water. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat and cook until the potatoes are tender about 20 to 30 minutes. Drain the excess water once done. Meanwhile, heat the milk and butter in a pan and boil on low heat. Mash the potatoes in a bowl and set aside. Stir the milk until the butter is completely melted. Add the milk to the potatoes and mix gently. Season with salt and pepper, garnish with half the coriander and set aside. 

Mix the ground beef, chili, half of the onions, breadcrumbs, 2 tsp. garlic paste, 1 tsp. minced ginger and remaining coriander leaves in a large bowl. Form the mixture into equal sized balls onto a tray. Place the meatballs into the refrigerator for about 10 to 15 minutes. 

Remove the meatballs from the fridge. Heat 3 tbsp. cooking oil in a pan and add the remaining onions. Fry till they turn light brown and add the remaining ginger and garlic pastes.Fry for another minute. 

Add all the powdered spices and fry for 1 minute. Add curry paste and tomatoes. Mix well and cook till the tomatoes turn into a thick paste. Add 2 cups of chicken stock or water and season with salt and pepper. 

Gently place the meatballs into the sauce and let the sauce cook for another 5 minutes uninterrupted. Now stir gently so as not to break the meatballs. Cook until the meatballs are done or until the sauce becomes as thick as you want it. Adjust the season accordingly. Serve with the mashed potatoes.

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