Oven-roasted Salmon Skewers Recipe

Oven-roasted Salmon Skewers!

This recipe is worthy of a very nice piece of salmon. It is fantastic with a wonderful flavor. To keep calories down I just used a drizzle of the very tasty sauce and served it with couscous and asparagus. Made for photo tag and this is definitely a keeper.

Oven-roasted Salmon Skewers Recipe


Spiced with:

⏩Very little salt
⏩Garlic powder
⏩1 lb salmon filet diced into small pieces
⏩1 red bell pepper
⏩1 green bell pepper
⏩1 orange bell pepper
⏩Half of an onion


I diced them and altered onto skewers. Baked for 30 min on 400 in the oven! We loved how it came out.
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