Pizza Recipe

Sausage and bacon (pre cook) periperi pizza
Pizza For 6 large pizzas I used 600 grams self raising flour (sifted) 400 ml warm water in it. I added 3 tbsp. of brown sugar (cooking sugar KSL brand) added 2 tbp. yeast, 3 tbsp. OLIVE OIL and half teaspoon salt stir well and let them sit for 10 minutes until it froths.

Make a depression in your flour and pour your water mixture then using a wooden spoon mix around until all flour is invisible then gently knead for 5 minutes and add olive oil on top until all the dough is shiny from OLIVE OIL.

Now cover and put in warm place let it double in size, punch or put your fist in the dough if it comes out clean you are safe and good to go.Pinch one big ball and roll onto a pizza pan which is oiled with OLIVE OIL. Apply pizza sauce/ketchup on the edges and apply egg.Sprinkle oregano, chili if you fancy, add your favorite toppings - i used onions then grated mozarella then put sausages and bacon then cheddar cheese then finished with some chili flakes and chili.

Bake at 180 degrees for 25 minutes or less depending with your oven. Enjoy
NOTE: I have emphasized on olive oil because it plays a huge role so don't use any other oil but olive oil. Same for brown sugar specifically cooking sugar with molasses!
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