Sardine fish cakes recipe

Today we’re talking Sardines and a lovely Sardine Fish Cakes. Who would have thought that Sardine Fish Cakes could be such a delicious alternative to more popular cod or crab cakes?! Sardine fish cakes can be made with either fresh or canned sardines and I must admit I did not expect for the dill to complement this simple dish so well.

Sardine Fish Cakes, like any other fish cakes, contain bread crumbs and an egg to keep things together. To me, dill does the magic though. Dill complements the fish flavor and leaves a lovely, clean, herb aftertaste. Sardine Fish Cakes are light, tender and moreish! A delicious and nutritious snack for the kids too. Whether you use canned or fresh sardines give them a go and share your thoughts with me! 

Serves 4–6
Sardine fish cakes 

➔1 x 425g Can Sardines in Tomato Sauce.
➔2 Potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks.
➔Salt and pepper.
➔2 Eggs, lightly beaten.
➔1 Small onion, very finely chopped.
➔2 Tablespoons chopped parsley.
➔Cake flour.
➔Lettuce leaves and sliced tomato.


Drain and mash the sardines; keep the sauce if you wish to serve it with the fishcakes. Cook the potatoes in salted, boiling water until soft. Drain well, mash, and season with salt and pepper.

Mix together the sardines, mashed potato, beaten eggs, onion and parsley, and season with salt and pepper. Form into six patties on a floured board and dust well with flour. Fry the fishcakes in shallow oil until crisp and golden brown. Drain on kitchen paper.

Place the fishcakes on plates with lettuce leaves and sliced tomato. Sardines sauce from the can may be offered too.

TIP: Don’t throw away sardine bones! They are full of calcium, which is essential for strong, healthy bones, teeth and hair. The bones in Lucky Star Sardines are so soft that even a toddler can eat them.
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