This is a straightforward way to bake delicious moist and crusty banana bread. Simple yet doesn't get any better than that.

This recipe makes 1 loaf.

2 cups all-purpose flour.
1 teaspoon baking soda.
¹/₄ teaspoon salt.
¹/₂ cup butter (margarine will do you just fine).
³/₄ cup brown sugar.
2 eggs.
3 very ripe bananas.

In a large bowl, mix together all the dry ingredients (flour, salt & baking soda).
Then go ahead and cream together the margarine along with your ripe bananas.
Add your brown sugar and two eggs into your creamed mixture. Mix this up well.
Now go ahead and pour your liquid mixture into your dry ingredients.
Mix well until no dry ingredients are visible.
All these are achieved easily by using a cooking stick.
Your batter should be consistent, not too runny or dry altogether.
Then go ahead and Pour this into your greased bread tin, level the top well(I used a wet spoon to achieve a nice leveled top)
Set your bread into a preheated oven at 175° Celsius for about 65 minutes.

The time might seem quite a lot but this is what will make our bread not soggy as the batter is heavy in this case.
NOTE also that our ovens are different, so in case your bread is brown before time, don't be surprised.
Cover with an aluminum foil, this will shield it from direct heat from the top and in no way compromise our baking, this trick works all the time.
Wait at least 10 minutes before taking your bread out of your baking tin.
Cool further before cutting up.
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