T-bone Steak and Vegetable Pizza Recipe

T-bone Steak and Vegetable Pizza


Perfect T-bone meat.
Cherry Tomatoes.
Chili canola oil.
Spring and shallots onions.
Coriander (dhania).
Red and green pepper, red, green and yellow pili pili hoho.
P.izza dough.
Salt and some powder royco.

Blend shallot onions, cherry tomato and two cloves of garlic, add the royco and rosemary, mix the ingredients with canola oil, rub the concoction to the T-bone in a plastic bag and let it rest for at least 1 hour for it to absorb the flavors, then remove the meat from the bag and set it in a preheated oven.
Prepare Pizza dough and flatten it in a round shape, blend the cherry tomatoes and some paper and apply to the flattened dough, add slices of spring/shallot onions, dania, cherry tomatoes, red yellow green hohos, some green pepper top up with cheese and dushes of canola oil set them in the oven and let them cook till they are ready.
Prepare some mshikaki vegetable to accompany it, add salt and pepper to all dishes and serve.
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