Delicious Ugali Balls Recipe

Kenyan ugali power balls
This keeps you going: Kenyan ugali power balls! It is based on ugali, corn flour, which is an important ingredient in the Kenyan kitchen.


☛500 ml water
☛1 cup ugali flour
☛50 g of coconut powder
☛1 tbs sea salt
☛¼ cup of coriander
☛1 egg or egg replacement (I prefer Orgran ‘no egg’ powder – vegan option)
☛½ cup of breadcrumbs (freshly made or packed)
☛Coconut oil for deep-frying


⏩Start by placing the water in the pan over high heat. Add half the flour and all the coconut powder. ⏩Mix thoroughly and continue to stir until it boils and the flour thickens. Turn the heat down and cover for 5 minutes.
⏩Add the rest of the flour and cover again for 5 minutes. Take the pan off the heat and add the chopped coriander and the sea salt until the ugali is evenly speckled. Put the mixture in a bowl and let it cool, until you can mold balls with it.
⏩Fold the balls and dip them in the beaten egg or egg replacement and roll it in the breadcrumbs. ⏩Then drop them carefully in the heated oil or in the fryer until they are golden brown. Serve.
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