Veggie burger with sweet potatoes fries!

This was a success the last time I made this so decided to make it again except this time I added barley and spinach. If my kids only knew what's inside. But they ate it all! 
Veggie burger with sweet potatoes fries!

Here is the Veggie burger with sweet potatoes fries recipe:

It's actually very simple. I boiled lentils, barley in one pot and in another pot black beans. Then when it was all cooked I put it all in one bowl. Then in the food processor I put onions, spinach, red bell pepper. I through that in the bowl together with the beans, lentils and barely. Then I added one egg in there with bread crumbs with salt, paprika, cumin, Marak of, turmeric. Mixed it altogether. Then made hamburger patties and cooked over medium heat. Forgot to mention I flatted the beans with a fork. For the sweet potatoes I sliced them and then fried them and added very little salt. On my burger I melted cheese which tasted even better.

Enjoy! You can eat it as a wrap without the bun, which is good too.
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