Veggie chicken soup recipe

Veggie chicken soup
Veggie chicken soup with a secret ingredient

Chicken 1 Kilo.
Butternut squash.
Pepper and Salt to taste.

Cut into big cubes/pieces all the ingredients except the chicken. 
Then chop fine 1 cup of dill. Throw them all In a big pot boiling water. 
After about 20 min add the chicken (on the bone with skin). I normally like using breast but it's up to you. 
Add 2 tablespoons consume, salt and pepper (optional) to taste.
Boil for about another hour. Pull out just the chicken and shred/cut off the bone and throw back into the soup. 
Keep the soup boiling on medium. 
Then take a 3/4 cup of oatmeal (Quaker oats) and add to the soup. 
Boil for another 10 min then the soup is ready!
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