Why it is recommended to cook rice with coconut oil!

Rice with coconut oil!
Eat rice with 50% less calories. Researchers have concluded that preparing rice with coconut oil increases the amount of resistant starch in the rice, which is indigestible for us. Means the resistant starch cannot be absorbed & transformed into energy or fat, so it contains no calories.

Starch can be digestible or indigestible & rice is made up of both types. Unlike the digestible starch, resistant starch cannot be broken down in the intestine where carbs are usually metabolized into simple sugar & absorbed into the bloodstream. Consequently, if they could transform digestible starch into resistant starch it will lower the calories count in rice.

All of this happens because coconut oil gets the starch granules in the cooking process & changes the composition, transforming it in resistant starch granules. This means that fewer calories get absorbed into our body.
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