Why Water Should be Your Body’s Best Friend

A glass of drinking water
Your body has a best friend. It’s water. You need to drink lots of water—at least 6-8 cups every day. Why? Your body contains a lot of water. It is needed to make you healthy. We lose between 6-12 cups of water every day by breathing, sweating, and going to the bathroom.

Water acts as a pillow to cushion the area around our brains and lungs. It also serves as a protector in case we fall or get hurt in other ways.

Sodas are tasty but do not replace the water we need. Try a nice refreshing glass of water. If you have a problem drinking plain water, try adding a slice of lemon or about ¹/₂ cup of your favorite 100% juice to a cup of water (or a little more if it tastes better).

Did you ever arrive home with a headache? Did you know that this is often the first sign of dehydration? Carry water with you so you can hydrate (replace your water loss) your body all day long and stop your headaches. Everyone needs to be hydrated in order to feel good and to perform well, especially if you work out. If you can’t drink water at school or at work, be sure to drink some as soon as you can.
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