Delicious homemade chocolate petite beurre roll recipe

chocolate petite beurre roll

Chocolate petite beurre roll recipe


➲300 grams of petite beurre biscuits
➲1 pack of chocolate bar ( I used Israeli "para" dark chocolate) melted
➲1 stick of cold butter (cubed)
➲¹/₂ cup sugar
➲¹/₃ cup milk
➲Plastic wrap


Start with melting the chocolate on a double boiler. While its heating up put the biscuits in a big ziplock bag. Crush them into small pieces (don't use a processor cause you need some bigger pieces to hold the form).

Set the melted chocolate aside once it's ready.

Pour the crumbs in a big bowl and add, the sugar, milk, butter. Start mixing well with your hand s to get everything incorporated. Then add the melted chocolate ( make sure it has cooled a bit. Once everything is mixed into a ball.

Tear out a long piece of plastic wrap and foil.

Put the mixture in the plastic wrap first and form a long snake. Once it's a long shape, cover it up and roll it around a bit. Then cover it with the foil, roll again. Close ends and put it in the freezer. I like to take it out about an hour before eating. Cut into desired thickness with a sharp knife.

Optional: after unwrapping a pour shredded coconut on half of the snake. Keep rolling it into the coconut to cover it all around. You could also use, sprinkles or crushed nuts. Then cut into slices.
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