Cleanliness and safety of storage areas

Cleanliness and safety of storage areas
Woman cleaning and stocking a fridge

High standards of hygiene are essential in the store.
• Personnel must:
  1. Wear clean clothing.
  2. Be clean in themselves.
  3. Be particular with regard to hand washing.
  4. Have clean hygienic habits.

• Floors must:
  1. Be kept clear.
  2. Be cleaned of any spillage at once.
  3. Be in good repair.

• Shelving must:
  1. Be kept clean.
  2. Be not overloaded.

• Cleaning materials must be:
  1. Kept away from foods.
  2. Stored with care and marked dangerous if they are dangerous chemicals.

• Windows and, where appropriate, doors must be fly – and bird proof.
• Walls should be clean and, where any access by rodents is possible, sealed.
• Equipment such as knives, scales, etc., must be:
Thoroughly cleaned
Stored so that cross-contamination is prevented.
• Cloths for cleaning should be off the disposable type.
• Surfaces should be cleaned with an antibacterial cleaner.
• All bins should have lids and be kept covered.
All emptied should be stacked in a safe area with care.
• Waste and rubbish should not be allowed to accumulate.

• Empty bottles, waste paper, cardboard and so on should be recycled. 
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