How to Cut Up a Whole Chicken

Chicken meat
Lay the bird on the cutting board, belly side up, and move the legs around so you see how it is put together.
Find a very sharp knife and start by cutting the chicken down the middle (through the bone) from the tail end to the neck end.
Next, open the chicken like a book and cut along the side of the backbone from one end to the other. Now you have two halves of the chicken on your cutting board.
Cut off the drumstick—find the place where it connects to the body and cut it with the pointed end of your knife.
You can take the wing off the same way.
The last thing to cut is the breast of the thigh. Cut the two sections apart along the thigh joint, and with an extra little whack, cut the backbone in half.
Do the same thing to the other half of the chicken and you should now have two drumsticks, two wings, two breasts, and two thighs.
Rinse the pieces off with cold tap water and either cook them or store them in the freezer.

Note: If you are going to freeze the pieces, wrap them in clear plastic wrap and then again in foil, or a freezer bag, and write the name of the item and date on the outside.
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