How to Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Reducing added sugar

Added sugars can increase the energy content of the diet and dilute nutrient intake. High or frequent intake of foods and drinks containing added sugars can lead to tooth decay in both children and adults. Recent evidence shows that intake of sugar-sweetened drinks can increase the risk of excessive weight gain in both children and adults.

Foods and drinks that are artificially sweetened can provide a useful alternative to those high in added sugars. However, artificially sweetened soft drinks are acidic and may erode tooth enamel.
Infants should be put to bed without a bottle or the bottle should be taken away when the infant has finished feeding. Do not let the infant keep sucking on the bottle.

Discretionary choices

Particularly limit intake of drinks with added sugars including sweetened soft drinks and cordials, energy drinks, sports drinks, vitamin waters, and fruit drinks.

Limit those foods which contain added sugar including confectionery (lollies), syrups and sweetened sauces and dressings, jam, cakes, biscuits, sweet muffins, doughnuts, slices, puddings, sweet pastries, pies and crumbles, ice-cream, chocolate, and muesli bars.

Five Food Groups

  • Within each food group, choose mainly foods with little or no added sugar.
  • Choose foods containing added sugars less often. This includes foods like sweetened breakfast cereals, fruit canned in syrup, flavored milk and flavored yogurts.
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