Women at the gym

So you have finalized your decision to join a woman gym. There is no doubt that you have taken the right step. Everyone knows that excess weight in the body is an invitation to many diseases. Especially for a woman, excess of weight can be a huge problem, which may not be observed in the early stage but after some time she has to handle several things. Now you have decided to join a weight-loss gym for the first time; here are some of the key elements that you have to keep in mind:

• Do not miss to warm up first

Women gym in Malaysia not only for the first-timers but also for each gym practitioner focuses on warm-up exercise first. This is very important to not only get your blood flowing but also to minimize the risk of injury. You might be thinking that what are warm-up exercises for a woman. Some good warm-up exercises include walking on a treadmill for about 10-15 minutes but do start with the slower pace, working up to a more brisk pace halfway through. Stretching exercises such as toe touches, hurdlers stretches, twisting from the waist towards the backward, forward and backward bend, are the perfect ones.

• Keep it easy and do not overdo

You are the first-timer and your body needs to get open up for losing the weight. In the initial stage, most of the women are ready to hit the weights, which may create pain to your body. It is better to select an amount of weight that seems almost too light but has resistance for each exercise. Along with this, the main and most important point is to form a correct posture and technique for the weight that you are using in a weight-loss gym. As time passes, you can ask the trainer to increase the weight for you and do the exercise forming proper posture and technique for the heavier weight as well.

• Cooling your body is equally important

After all workout exercises, take 10 minutes at a slow pace on the treadmill. This is going to make your body cool and will make it easier for your heart to cool down quickly. In this exercise, just calm your body and relax & think on the workout that you have performed in a woman gym and warmth that it has provided you.
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