4 full chicken legs 
2 tbsp. ginger garlic green chili paste 
1 tbsp. full fresh cream or butter 
1 tsp. pepper powder
salt to taste 
1 medium sized lemon juice 
2 eggs 
¹/₂ tsp. red chili powder


Wash clean and pat dry chicken legs
Give slits or cuts on them so that the masala penetrates well inside the chicken legs
Marinate with ginger garlic green chili paste pepper powder salt lemon juice fresh cream or butter (you can use any one)
Fresh cream or butter helps the chicken to remain soft and moist
Marinate the chicken with all these masalas for at least 2 hours
Heat a nonstick pan add the chicken pieces we are not adding any oil as we have used fresh cream or butter while marinating
Cover the pan and cook on low flame till the chicken is tender do not add water
It takes around 30 minutes so 15 minutes on each side
If any water is left in the end after chicken is cooked thoroughly then increase the heat and let the water dry out completely
Let the chicken pieces cool a bit
Then beat 2 eggs season them with red chili powder and salt
Dip the cooked chicken legs in the eggs and coat them well from both the sides
Shallow fry the chicken legs over medium heat until brown from both the sides
Chicken leg kebabs are ready to be served
Serve with pudina onion rings lemon slices and salads
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