Meat pie recipe

Meat pie
Meat pie so soft and yummy,  kids would prefer this shape.

3 cups of flour
A cup of milk
¹/₂ cup of warm water
Table sp of yeast
5 tsp. of sugar
Tablespoon of salt
63 gram of warm butter
tomato sauce
an egg.

fry your mincemeat and leave it to cool as you prepare the dough.
¹/₂  a cup of warm water,1 tbsp. of yeast and 2 tbsp. of sugar, mix add into
3 cups of flour, a cup of milk or water,1 tsp, spoon of salt, 3 tbsp. of sugar mix and add 63 gram of warm butter. mix everything until it is soft and not sticky. cover it until it rises, make a small dough and roll like chapati but not so big then apply little tomato sauce add your mincemeat and little cheese and roll it in one direction to cover it then apply egg and bake for 10-15 minutes in 200.
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