How Do I Give My Baby a Bath? Find Out!

Baby bathing
New babies like to be warm, dry, and wrapped up. When you begin to give your baby a bath, she may cry until she gets used to it. This is normal. Do not worry about it.

Most babies begin to enjoy their baths after a few months. It becomes a time for play and exercise, tickles and giggles. It can be fun for all the family.

Babies do not need a bath every day, but you should keep their faces, hands, bottoms, and the folds in their neck, groin, and legs clean. It is not safe and you should NOT clean inside the baby’s ears and nose, or under a boy’s foreskin.

Making the Bath Safe

  • Do not leave your baby alone in the bath or on the table. Do not turn your back for even a second. Have all you need for the bath with you and ready before you start. If you have to look away or reach for something, keep one hand on the baby.
  • Put water in first. Then put the baby in the water. Never add hot or warm water after the baby is in the tub. Test the water in the tub with your wrist or elbow. It should feel warm, not hot. If it feels fine to you it will be fine for your baby.
  • When you have put all the water in the bath, be sure that the water in the tap is cold. This way, the baby won’t be burned if the tap is turned on by accident.
  • Hold the heavy parts of your baby— his head and hips — when you lift the baby in or out of the bath. Use both hands and hold the baby close to your body. Babies are slippery when wet!

Bath Time Tips

Before you begin your baby’s bath, be sure you have all the things you will need. They are: • Basin or tub • Mild soap with no perfume (scent) • Towels • Washcloth • A soft hairbrush • Clean clothes and diaper.

Choose a room that is warm, with no drafts. Spread out a large towel to lay the baby on. Take off your rings, watch, or other jewelry. Wash your hands and fill the basin with lukewarm water — not hot. Test the water with your wrist or elbow.

When you give your baby a bath, start at the top and move toward the feet. Use only clear water when you wash your baby’s face. Use a bar of mild soap on the rest of her body and be sure to rinse well. You need to be sure to rinse the folds on the baby’s neck, groin, and legs.

After the bath, wrap your baby in a towel and dry gently. It is best not to use baby powder.
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