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Blood in our body plays a very important role in our life. All the nutritional elements reach entire parts in our body through the medium of blood making them properly functional and keeping us at an abeyance from diseases. This essay attempts to trace down the causes of impurities in blood and possibly diagnose it as well as the panaceas for a normal and pure blood circulation in the body.

Modern life style has influenced our daily routine to a greater extent bringing in furious changes in our dietary habits and lifestyle in its wake as a result. On the other hand, the rising pollution in the environs has influenced us immensely not only from outside but from our inside within too. The bacteria spread in the environment, gases, polluted water, insomnia, junk foods, etc has tightened its vice grips over the purity of our blood. These entire poisonous elements are entering inside our body giving invitations to several diseases.

Blood purification is very important for healthy functioning of human body. Impure blood is the reason for several health and skin problems. Pimple, acne and dull skin are the major skin problems due to toxic blood. Many herbal skin purification products are available in the market to purify body. Artificial products give lot of side effects. Instead of using artificial products people should use herbal products. There are varieties of herbal products available which give no side effects. By using natural remedies for blood purification people can save their money and make their health better.

Causes of impure blood

A wrong diet, constipation, overeating, eating a combination of food at the same meal that causes fermentation, or devitalized foods. The very elements that would keep the blood pure are removed from many foods by the way they are prepared; for example, the heart and the outside of the wheat, the eyes and peelings of potatoes, the outside of rice, and the heart of corn, which is taken out of the meal. These are wonderful alkaline medicines and do a great deal toward keeping the blood pure.
Some other causes of impure blood are breathing, sleeping in rooms that are not properly ventilated, and lack of exercise. Often the muscles are poisoned and feel tired because of the accumulated waste matter from insufficient exercise.

Drinking impure water and other harmful drinks, such as tea, coffee, liquor, and all kinds of soft drinks, are other causes. These confuse the mind and cause wrong thoughts and ideas. The brain is made up of about 90 per cent water and when we drink these unwholesome drinks, many of which are stimulating, the blood is made impure and the mind is very much affected.

Worry, fear, anger, unhappiness, and hate generally hinder the circulation of food, and thus the impurities are not carried off as they should be. A stagnant condition of the skin is another cause of impure blood. Many times the blood that should be circulating near the surface of the blood is in the deeper structure, overloading the various organs and causing congestion and various diseases.

Symptoms of impure blood

The symptoms cover a large list of diseases and complains: pimples, boils, discolorations of the skin, jaundice, headaches, drowsiness, wrinkles, premature aging, insanity, nervousness, getting angry easily, continually frowning when we should be smiling, thinking evil thoughts when we should think evil of no man, seeing darkness where there is light, gray hair, loss of eyesight, loss of hearing, stiff joints, and pain in various parts of the body. All of these symptoms will be helped to a greater or lesser degree when the bloodstream is purified.

Treatment: How to cleanse impure blood

These are some natural remedies for blood purification. By detecting the causes of impurity and natural remedies the person can understand his/her health system in a good manner. Ayurveda describes several types of herbal products that have the potential to cleanse the body toxins and to promote the glow of the skin.

To make the blood pure, the first thing to do is to eliminate all harmful articles of blood and drink such as tea, coffee, all alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, all white flour products, all cane sugar products, and the liberal use of free fat or grease. The bowels must kept open by proper diet and the use of herbal laxatives when needed. Take high herbal enemas to clean out the colon and make it active and strong. Drink plenty of fresh, pure water. Take regular outdoor exercise with deep breathing and get plenty of sleep in a well-ventilated room.

Echinacea and red clover are good blood purifiers. Both can be purchased in convenient capsule form.

Keep the skin active by cold morning baths and vigorous rubbing with a coarse Turkish towel. Take a hot bath or shower every day. Wash the body thoroughly with some good soap. A thoroughly salt glow is good after a hot bath. This will stimulate the skin, make it active, and open the pores.
A massage from head to foot is beneficial. Give it thoroughly on the neck and upper part of the spine and especially on the feet.

Go on a fruit diet for one week. In the absence of an abundance of fruit, eat vegetables prepared as discussed in this site. For example, eat the green part of leafy vegetables and carrots—either raw, grated, or baked until tender – carrot juice, and potatoes.

How to cleanse impure blood using natural remedies 


Garlic is the best home remedy which works as a natural blood purifier. It has ability to cure many problems, such as digestive problems, respiratory infections, and beauty and skin related problems like acne, pimples, eczema and fungal infections. It maintains BP level and controls fatness of blood.


Lemon is the second powerful home remedy. It contains citric acid which removes harmful toxins from the body and keeps the body clean. It is also helpful to increase immune power.


Tulsi is a natural herb which is the best antibiotic. It maintains the normalize flow of blood in the body. Regular consumption of tulsi increases white blood cells and red blood cells in the body whose major work is to fight against diseases. It provides cooling effect to the body and also helps in malaria, fever, eczema, ringworm and fungal infections. It also decreases possibility of blood clotting.


Turmeric is a natural antiseptic with antibacterial properties. It cleanses body and makes the skin glowing. It is also used to improve color complexion of skin. Many ayurvedic skin products use turmeric as ingredient. This natural herb is also useful in other body disorders like gastrointestinal disorders and respiratory conditions like asthma, bronchitis and cough.

Indian Gooseberry/amla 

Indian Gooseberry has body cleansing properties. It reinforces our immune system and increases the performance of liver. The gooseberry fruits, leaves, seeds, bark and roots are used in many ayurvedic products, as it contains healing property.

Glisten Plus capsule by Ayurved Research Foundation is one of the most popular and widely used herbal blood purifier supplements made up of potent herbs with amazing blood purifying properties. One can use these blood purifier pills to detoxify his or her body naturally without any adverse side effects.

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Readers, if you want to see wonderful results, live on the food that God originally gave to man. There is an abundance of it. Just live on fruit for a white and follow the sanitary habits previously mentioned. Make use of the herbs that God let grow for the healing of the nations and you will say with many whom the writer has heard say, “Truly the day of miracles has not passed.” The fruit of the tree is for man’s food, and the leaves for his medicine. (Ezekiel 47:12) 

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