Insomnia (Trouble Sleeping) During Pregnancy: What to do about it

Pregnant woman in bed

What causes Insomnia (Trouble Sleeping)?

Some women have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep when they are pregnant. During the first three months, this is because your body is getting used to the changes that come with being pregnant.  Later on, the size of your uterus and your baby’s kicking can make it hard for you to find a comfortable way to sleep. Insomnia can be more of a problem for women who have shortness of breath.

What can I do about Insomnia (Trouble Sleeping)?

• Stay active. Walk or exercise every day. It is easier to get to sleep if your body is tired.
• Avoid caffeine (in coffee, tea, cola drinks, and chocolate).
• Try to go to bed and get up at the same time each day.
• Avoid eating large meals near bedtime.
• Try to find a comfortable way to sleep. Use pillows and rolled-up blankets for support.
• Sleep on pillows that prop you up if you are short of breath.
• Have a warm shower or bath before bed.
• Have a glass of warm milk or hot water with lemon before bed.
• Try going for a walk in the evening.
• Try relaxation exercises.
• Read a really boring book.
• Get a back-rub. It may help you sleep.

What if none of this helps?

• Do not take any sleeping medication unless your doctor says it is okay.
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