It is important for children of all abilities to be active daily (Infographic)

Your child needs to be active every day
It’s important for your child to be active for at least 1 hour daily. Children need to be active for an hour every day. They should do activities that make their hearts beat faster, breathe a little harder and make their bones and muscles stronger. For that hour, there are lots of activities that keep their heart rate up. This includes walking fast, jogging, bike riding, dancing, and sports, like swimming or basketball or other games. On at least 3 days per week, children should try activities that make their bones and muscles stronger. This might include jumping rope, push-ups, playing on a jungle gym, using exercise bands or weight machines, different forms of martial arts, cheer-leading or gymnastics, climbing trees or games like tug-of-war and hop-scotch.

Infographic: Is your child getting enough exercise?

Keep your child safe.  

Always provide proper sport and safety equipment for your children, such as helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads.  Be a role model and set a positive example by wearing protective gear when you are active.

Getting at least 1 hour of activity every day will help your child grow up healthy.

  • An active child: Does better in school
  • Does better at solving problems and thinking creatively
  • Feels better about themselves
  • Gets along better with other kids
  • Has more confidence when playing games and sports
  • Sleeps better at night
  • Has a healthy weight
  • Grows strong bones and muscles.

You can help your child be more active.

You can help your child be more active.

  • It is important to make physical activity a daily part of your family’s life. Try these tips: 
  • Be a role model and set a positive example. Children want to do what you do.
  • Make activity a regular part of your family’s daily routine. Take family walks after dinner, walk the family pet together, take weekend bike rides or play active games together. 
  • Find out what your child likes to do or would like to try and then help them do it. 
  • Practice different skills with your child. Have your child show you what they learned in school. Play together as a family and remember to praise their progress. Those good feelings will help your child to stick to that activity. It may even get them to try new games or sports.
  • Choose activities and games that are right for your child’s age and abilities. Take them to places where they can be active and try to provide them with toys, games, and equipment that will help keep them active. 
  • Turn off the computer/TV/portable electronics or allow only one hour of screen time each day.
  • If it’s safe, let your child walk or bike to school.
  • Keep it fun! Encourage your child to play sports or games with » friends, like tag or dodgeball.
All children, regardless of ability, should enjoy the benefits of being active. It is important for children of all abilities to be active daily. Check with your doctor or nurse for personalized advice.
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