Many people suffer almost continually from ailments, the cause which they are unable to determine. They know that they feel very miserable and are subject to frequent headaches, indigestion, poor appetite, and many other troubles.

There are causes for all such disturbances. Deficiency of the necessary element s in the body is the cause of many such troubles. The body is composed of more than 30 elements and a shortage of one or more of these impair the proper functioning of the entire system. There is generally no real organic breakdown in such cases, but the body is not functioning properly. An adequate supply of any of these important elements is the major cause of a great many ailments. These nutrients supplied in properly prepared food, but the American diet is very deficient in many of these important elements.

The refined, de-germinated, de-mineralized, and devitalized foods are a curse to humanity. The miller, in making white flour, takes out the vital part of the grain that makes a new plant, the wheat germ, and also removes the bran, the part that contains the minerals and vitamins that supply our bodies with blood-making materials. Many other foods that we have eaten daily from childhood have been treated in the same manner.

Furthermore, foods that are improperly prepared lose much of their nutritive value. It is very essential that foods be eaten in their natural state as often as possible. Too much cooking injures food. Certain food elements are destroyed by even a small amount of heat and for that reason such foods as can be eaten raw should be served always. Green leafy vegetables, such as cabbage, spinach, romaine, lettuce, endive, celery, and many others contain those substances that the human body must have to function properly. A lack of such elements in the daily food is a form of starvation.

Such vegetables as carrots, tender beets, parsnips, cucumbers, potatoes, young turnips, and others like them should not be peeled. Using stiff brush is an excellent way to clean such vegetables so that the peels can be eaten. The highest mineral content of such foods lies just under the skin; therefore, vital minerals are lost if these vegetables are peeled.

None of the water left over from cooking vegetables should be thrown away. It contains valuable minerals and vitamins and should be used in soups or other cooking. In cooking leafy vegetables, just enough water should be added to keep them from burning and they should be added to keep them from burning and they should not be cooked any longer than is absolutely necessary. Spinach or beet tops should never be cooked over 4 or 5 minutes. If beets are cooked with tops, it takes much longer to cook the beets than the tops, so the beets should be diced fine and cooked in only enough water to keep them from burning. Use the stems, but cut them in quarter-inch lengths and add them to the beets after they are about half-done (about 8 minutes). Cut the leaves fine and when the beets are about done, add the leaves, for it takes only about 4 minutes to cook them. Sea salt should be added after the stems have come to a boil. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to cook beets in this manner.

Never put soda in your cooking water to make the vegetables tender. Neither should soda be used in cooking dried peas, beans, corn, etc. even if it does shorten the length of time necessary to cook them. The common use of soda biscuits and cornbread made with baking powder and soda is a cause of vitamin deficiency disease, because soda destroys much of the vitamin C during cooking. Remember disease cannot get a foothold when the body is in the best condition.
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