Delightful Mixed Matoke Recipe

Delightful Mixed Matoke

Today I share a meal that in many ways is a delicacy to us guys in East Africa. Matoke (or Matooke) refer to the plantain or plantain banana in Uganda, where plantains are a staple crop. In Uganda, plantain bananas are often wrapped in plantain leaves and steamed until tender. This dish can be made with or without the meat.

Matoke Recipe

Time: 30 minutes prep and cooking.
Yields: 2 Plates


↬4 raw bananas (Chop into 3)
↬3 large Potatoes (chop into 4 pieces)
↬3 large carrots (diced into big chunks)
↬Lemon Juice
↬1 large onion
↬3 tomatoes, chopped
↬1 sweet green pepper (or bell pepper), chopped
↬1 tablespoon of curry powder
↬3 cloves of garlic, crushed
↬1 pepper, chopped (optional)
↬Salt, coriander, and black pepper (to taste)
↬¼ Kg goat meat
↬2 cups of water


Peel the raw bananas, cut into cubes, sprinkle with lemon juice, and set aside. Mix with your chopped potatoes and carrots. Heat oil in a large pan. Fry the onion, tomatoes, green pepper, hot pepper, and garlic together. Add spices to taste.

*In a separate pan wash your meat and let it cook without adding anything until it completely dries then set it aside.

Reduce heat add your meat and stir. Add the bananas, potatoes, and carrots. Cover and simmer over low heat until they are tender and meat is completely done. Put off the heat, garnish with coriander cover the pot for a minute. Serve matoke hot.

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