Guys, get a smart wife if you desire to live longer and healthy

Guys, get a smart wife if you desire to live longer and healthy
A study has determined that for men, long life and good health have nothing to do with the man’s education and everything to do with his wife’s. Men married to smart women live longer.

Apparently, even science agrees with the biblical principle that it is not good for man to be alone. A married man will only seek medical help at his wife’s insistence, and only to get her off his back, however, a bachelor will only be prompted to go running to a doctor when a limb needs amputation.

Girls, of course, are raised to be self-sufficient. They are taught how to gather and prepare a tasty meal from scratch and to clean and wash. Women’s lives, single or married, are highly organized, unlike some men’s. The effect may relate to skill at processing advice about healthy lifestyles, and passing it on -- educated married women are more likely to share their good lifestyle habits.

These habits could include healthy food choice, exercise routines, and risk-avoidance.

If you know a bachelor, advise him to polish up his wooing skills because his health and longevity depends not only on having a woman but a smart woman!
On any matter relating to your health or well-being, please check with an appropriate health professional.
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