Guys, get a smart wife if you desire to live longer and healthy

a smart wife
A study has determined that for men, long life and good health have nothing to do with the man’s education and everything to do with his wife’s. Men married to smart women live longer.

Usually, it is the wife who cares about the home and all family members, so in many aspects, her husband's life depends on her intelligence.

Apparently, even science agrees with the biblical principle that it is not good for man to be alone. A married man will only seek medical help at his wife’s insistence, and only to get her off his back, however, a bachelor will only be prompted to go running to a doctor when a limb needs amputation.

Girls, of course, are raised to be self-sufficient. They are taught how to gather and prepare a tasty meal from scratch and to clean and wash. Women’s lives, single or married, are highly organized, unlike some men’s. The effect may relate to skill at processing advice about healthy lifestyles, and passing it on -- educated married women are more likely to share their good lifestyle habits.

These habits could include healthy food choices, exercise routines, and risk avoidance.

If you know a bachelor, advise him to polish up his wooing skills because his health and longevity depend not only on having a woman but a smart woman!

How marrying a smart woman help man to live a longer and healthier life?

Intellectual conversation

If you marry a smart woman, you will automatically involve her in intellectual conversation. She can always have a good conversation with you. You can even ask for her opinion whenever you feel stuck in life.

Focus on productivity

A smart and intellectual woman will always pay attention to your work. She will never ask you to neglect your work and will understand the priorities in a better way.

Ensures a healthy lifestyle

Benefits of marrying a smart woman: Marrying a smart woman helps you to have a healthy lifestyle.

A smart woman knows the need for a healthy lifestyle. She will ensure a good diet and a healthy routine for you and your family. She will try to get you engaged in exercising, eating right and sufficiently, etc.

Helps to reduce stress

We all feel stressed at some point in time. The burden of family and work-life often causes severe stress. However, if you have a smart and intellectual wife, she will understand you and will try to handle things in a better way. She will guide you the way to reduce your stress.

Good support system

We all need a supporting partner in our life. If you marry a smart woman, you get that support without even asking for it. She will be there by your side in all the ups and downs of your life.

Final Word.

Up til now, only men were expected to be educated and working. But the time has changed and the need for women's smartness is equally important. It is finally time when men should look beyond beauty and search for brains in the girl.
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