Health-Destroying Foods

Health-destroying foods are such as foods as spices, mustard, pepper, vinegar, salt, condiments, salted meats, canned meats, salted fish, tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, gravies, fried or greasy food, pastries, very hot or ice-cold foods, all soft drinks, chewing gum, coffee, tea, cocoa, alcohol, white flour and white flour products, cane sugar and cane sugar products.


Bread and rice

Soft drinks


Bottled salads dressing



Potato chips

Canned tomato sauce

Artificial sweetner
The organs in our body that make blood cannot convert these foods into pure blood. Nerves are nourished by the blood; therefore, the blood must be pure and contain all of the elements necessary for nourishing the nerves as well as every other part of the body.
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