How to cook potatoes the right way

Slices of potatoes

We hear so much about mashed potatoes not being good to eat. It is true that the ordinary mashed potatoes that are eaten everywhere are a very unwholesome product. When potatoes are peeled, boiled, and then smashed with a large piece of butter or other fat, they become unwholesome food. When potatoes are peeled there is practically nothing left but starch. The alkaline part of the potato is cut away when they are peeled, and the starch is acid-forming.

The Irish potato is a very valuable food, but not after it has been peeled and boiled in a quantity of water that is drained down the sink, leaving the potato lifeless, without minerals, and acid-producing. The eyes and the peeling of the Irish potato contain its life-giving properties. When the skin of the potato is not eaten, the best part of it is lost. Also, when the skin is baked too brown, the life-giving properties are destroyed.
Baked potatoes
Baked potatoes

Baking is the ideal way to cook a potato, but it must be properly baked. When properly baked, the skin should be a little crisp, but not too dark brown or black. Before putting potatoes in the oven to bake, scrub them thoroughly and prick the skin all over with a fork. This causes some of the moisture to evaporate and helps to make the potatoes dry and mealy.
Steamed potatoes
steamed or pressure-cooked potatoes

Another excellent way to prepare potatoes is to steam or pressure-cook them. All vegetables may be excellently prepared in the steam pressure cooker under a low temperature, as the original food flavors are then preserved in an economical way. They can also be improved by placing them in a warm oven and allowing them to dry out for a few minutes after pressure cooking. Many who have found it impossible to eat potatoes prepared in any other way are able to eat them when they are prepared in this way.
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