Key Health Issues College Students Face

College Girl
The American College Health Association, a prominent group of health educators, medical professionals, and college residence hall staff professionals, identified the following as the most critical health issues faced by college students. These concerns will be critical in the decade to come as well.

Because these issues will continue to be important, and because of their relevance to you, all are discussed in this text through in-text links also some in this blog.

They are listed in order of importance:

Sexual health concerns, including topics such as sexually transmitted diseases, relationship issues, unintended pregnancy, and sexual violence.

Substance abuse, including a wide range of issues related to the abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, and dependency and codependency.

Mental health concerns, including stress management, fear of failure, coping skills, complex family relationship, and depression.

Nutritional issues, including healthful diets, weight management, chronic disease prevention, and eating disorders.

Health care services, including financing and delivering comprehensive, low-cost health services to students and their families.
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