Therapeutic properties of water


There are very few substances that possess as many remedial properties as water. Anyone treating the sick should try to accomplish the greatest amount of good with the least expense to the patient’s vitality.

Following is a list of some of the therapeutic properties of water


Sedative drug diminish action of the heart. They affect all the nerve centers controlling the heart, and their action is very often uncertain and detrimental. When water is properly applied, however, it is a very much more efficient sedative, and thus its use rarely leaves harmful aftereffects. A warm bath will invariably soothe and relax an extremely nervous person and help produce restful sleep.


There is no drug that will decrease the temperature of the body as quickly, efficiently, and harmlessly as water. The pulse can rapidly be reduced from twenty to forty beats per minute by the use of a cool or cold bath. To decrease body temperature, use water below 98⁰F.

Anodyne (Analgesic)

Anodynes lessen the nervous sensibilities, thereby relieving pain. Hot water fomentations will always give relief and have often been used when drug have failed.


Water is unrivaled as a relaxing agent in convulsions and muscle spasm.


The use of cold water in arresting hemorrhage is well-known by all physicians.


The abundance use of pure water is most effective in helping to overcome constipation, but it never causes violent or unpleasant symptoms such as those that frequently accompany and follow the use of purgatives.


Water is a perfect eliminator. It dissolves poisonous waste materials and foreign elements in the blood, thereby aiding their elimination through the urine, feces, sweat, and lungs.

Diaphoretic (Sudorific)

Water may be use d to produce profuse perspiration.


For many years’ mercury was considered the most note-worthy alternative in the material medica. But it has yielded its place to water. The only thing mercury ever accomplished was to destroy the normal elements of the blood. Water not only preserves and builds up the normal elements, but it also destroys and eliminates the waste elements and increase the circulation.


Water used properly will increase the vital activities very quickly and powerful and restore normal tone to the body. The tonic effect of a cool bath is well-known to everyone.


A stimulant act to increase the vital fuctions of the body above what is their usual activity. A short hot bath, lasting five minutes or less, is a very efficient stimulant. It will stimulate the circulation and increase the pulse from 70 to 150 beats within fifteen minutes. Hot baths of a longer duration cause relaxation and even weakness. Short cold baths also act as a very bracing stimulant and tonic.


This is a method (in this case, water treatment) for removing blood from a certain part by increasing the blood in another part. This is one of water’s most important properties. No application can equal water in efficiency and certainty of action. Water will work wonders. Its use has been terribly neglected, to the great detriment of the human race. Its merits have been well demonstrated and generally acknowledged for years.


Rapidly drinking several glasses of tepid water will often cause vomiting.


The more water that you drink, the greater will be the amount of urine produced.


Heat applied to the chest loosens the secretions so that they can more easily be coughed up.


The prolonged local use of cold will produce numbness such as using an ice pack on a sprained ankle.
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