Complexes about your weight

Overweight woman

Some people who say that they are overweight or underweight aren’t even as bad as they think. Besides, who gets to decide what is the right weight for women and men? Who has the authority and power to decide on the right weight we should be at. Last I checked, no one on this universe has that answer. Of coarse we should always strive to look our best and be as healthy as possible. But don't allow society to tell you that a size 4 or 6 is the only size you should be or else your fat. Don't allow society to tell you that if you aren't buff with a six pack then you aren't a man.

The right weight is the one you decide on! When you look in the mirror and love what you see. When you are healthy, and energetic. Whether that weight is 250 lbs or 130 lbs, you are the one who decides what is right for you. Not Society! There are a lot of men out there that love a heavier woman, same way there are a lot of men who love a skinnier woman. There are a lot of women out there that love a muscular man with a nice six -pack, same way there are a lot of women who love the spare tires or the love handles.

You get to decide who you want to be, and you work hard to get there. If you see that for you to reach your own personal goal weight you are currently under weight, try drinking 'ensure' to help you gain some weight, Eat more often and foods that contain a bit of fat, hit the gym and gain some muscle (Muscles weigh). Speak to your doctor to see how you can gain weight and still be healthy. If you are a bit overweight then do the exact opposite, speak to your doctor about how you can loose weight the healthy way. See a nutritionist, hit the gym at least four times a week and do cardio and fat burning exercises. Eat less often, eat low fat or even fat free foods, exchange the starches on your plate for more green veggies.If you would like to be more toned.... The only way is by hitting the gym like a beast and lifting weights and doing crunches and push ups etc. Muscles don't come by you just sitting there desiring it.

Either way there is still a person out there who would love you in the weight you choose to be best for you; Except without that, Hmm! (Lets call it a) Stinky Complex. Get rid of this weight complex by choosing your own personal goal weight and working towards that. Don't stop until you get there.
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