Diet Strategy for Weight Control

Diet Strategy for Weight Control

The trick is not necessarily to eat less, but rather to eat sensibly. Diets low in fats and sugars will help the body not only to maintain its ideal weight but also to protect it against such conditions as heart disease and cancer, and for that reason are part of the recommended diet of the cancer and heart disease agencies.

Their further recommendation to increase fruit and vegetable intakes will help to provide the vitamins, and minerals. The vitamins will boost both the nervous and immune systems. Complex carbohydrates such as legumes, wholemeal pastas, brown rice, and potatoes are major importance in weight control and provide slow-release energy for the body's needs.

Fruits and vegetables if eaten raw in salads, are not going to contribute to a weight problem so can be eaten in fairly large amounts. It so not necessary to starve to control weight. Also read: Why you should always include fruits in the diet

With all of the above in mind, the following tips will be of help in planning the dietary strategy:

➲Eat a good breakfast, including unrefined cereals.
➲Eliminate between-meal snacks.
➲As far as possible remove empty and refined calories from the diet.
➲Reduce or avoid the use of free sugar and cut down on the hidden sugars in:

  • desserts (ice cream, chocolate, cake, pie)
  • jam or jellies
  • sweetened cereals or sugar on breakfast cereals (use raisins instead)
  • soft drinks or fruit drinks (use pure fruits instead)
  • tinned fruit (rather use fresh fruit)
  • tinned foods generally (often unnecessarily sweetened)

➲Use brown rice rather than white rice.
➲Use wholewheat bread rather than white bread (even though enriched).
➲Avoid alcoholic drinks
➲Cut down drastically (or avoid) all visible and hidden fats in:

  • cooking oil, margarine, usual salad dressings (use virgin olive oil)
  • fatty meats
  • milk and dairy products (where milk is used try skimmed milk or switch to soya milk). Use non-fattening spreads in small quantities to replace margarine/butter.
  • baking preparations (high in fat and sugar)

➲Use at most two eggs a week.
➲Eat a light fruit supper or none at all.

A selection of the right foods will provide all-round health benefits and an ideal weight. Balanced with exercise, which provides the extra oxygen, weight and fitness levels will soon contribute to a fine sense of well-being.
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