Mother preparing food
The problem with us is that we don't relate positively to our food. This negativity & fear leads to lower metabolism & fat gain. Therefore, before stepping into a healthy regime, building a positive relationship with food can solve all the issues of weight loss.

Eating more food does not mean that you will eat a big pan pizza at a time. Eating more food simply means eating a wholesome meal, frequently with love. But " FOOD IS EVIL, IT MAKES YOU FAT " mindset drives you crazy when it comes to weight loss.

Working out & skipping meals or extra workout sessions & starving yourself will not do any good to you. Rather you'll end up getting frustrated & lose your health. Even if you lose some kilos, you'll bounce back double of what you lost...

It's high time that we educate people around & make them understand the beauty of NUTRITION in our lives. " NOTHING IS MORE SINCERE LOVE THAN THE LOVE FOR FOOD".

We should build up a strong relationship with food which improves digestion, nutrient absorption, resulting in weight loss. Thanking your meal makes you calmer which opens your mind to hear the signals of your stomach on fullness.

Give attention to your food. Look at your food, how colorful it looks, how good it smells, how good the texture is when you touch it, how tasty the food taste that it just melts in your mouth. This feeling of GOODNESS will help in the secretion of gastric juices & better absorption of nutrients from the food.

Be calm & chew your food properly, this will give the feeling of fullness & satiety.
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